Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Earn Money With Free-To-Join Affiliate Programs-Get Paid

 Earn Money Online Get Paid

I'm sure you have come across hundreds of ads claiming you can make a living online.  You come across ads that claim you can earn hundreds and thousands of dollars overnight.  Not true but what is true is you can earn good steady monthly income to supplement your income writing articles, creating blogs and creating websites.  How?  Continue to read to learn how I earn good steady monthly income.

I earn steady monthly income which has allowed me to stop working full-time for someone else.  I now work part-time at my job and the other half of the time I continue to grow and expand my online business.  I'm slowly changing my life for the better.  I also have more time to dedicate to my family and friends but in the beginning that was not the case.

The date is 2010 and I started to create an Internet Business about two years ago.  I spent many days alone joining free programs, organizing, writing and creating.  I hardly saw my family and friends but I had a gut feeling I was going to make it starting an Internet Business.

First I want to introduce to you some of the websites I have created over the past year.  I own one Domain Name which included a website builder and a hosting plan.  All of the other websites I have created were created with free website builders.  I use those free website builder to connect all of my articles, blogs and websites together.  It is not necessary to purchase a Domain Name in order to start an Internet Business.  Purchasing one Domain Name was a personal choice.  

Here are links to a handful of my websites to visit so you can see for yourself the websites I created and how you can do the same.

The first Free-To-Join Affiliate Program I want to introduce to you is Linkshare. Linkshare is user-friendly and gives ordinary people like myself the opportunity to earn commission. Linkshare is a Pay Per Click Action Program. You embed merchant ads onto your blogs and websites and when people purchase from the ad which is linked to you, you earn commission. The banner below is an example to how easy it is to embed banners and links onto your blogs and websites. If you click on the Linkshare banner you will be brought to the Linkshare website.


The next Free-To-Join Affiliate Program is Join for free to sell products for vendors. Another user-friendly Affiliate Program that will pay you commission when you make a sale. In addition to making a sale if by chance you sell a service which charges the customer monthly, you earn commission each and every month you customer pays for a service. offers many services to promote which require the customer to pay a monthly fee. Click on the banner below to visit

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You can also earn revenue with the Adsense Pay Per Click Publisher Network. I use to create blogs just like this one and I embed Adsense Ads onto my blog. Simple, easy and fun. The more I write the more of an opportunity I have to earn. Create an account with to start an Internet Business of your own.